Full Service Commercial Plumbing for Oshawa & Surrounding Areas

Sewer cleaning, jetting and video inspections

We provide sewer cleaning services to give you a clear view of your plumbing and mechanical systems. DSM Plumbing’s sewer cleaning and video inspection systems help you protect your commercial location from root intrusions or other blocks that cause broken or cracked lines and inflow.

Backflow device testing and installation

By creating a physical barrier or eliminating cross connections, a backflow device prevents the reversal of the normal flow of any contaminants or substances back into the potable water system. Our technicians can install and repair backflow values. In addition, we can perform annual testing required by many municipalities.

Sewage disposal systems inspection and repair

DSM Plumbing provides on-demand service or customized scheduled maintenance programs to keep your lift station in top operating condition.

Scheduled maintenance programs include:

  • Checking the Amp Draw On the Pumps
  • Verifying the Functioning of Alarms, Floats and Screening Baskets
  • Ensuring That No Unusual Noise, Vibration, Heat or Leakage Exists

In addition, we can also provide more extensive service involving the pumping of the lift station and routine preventative maintenance, repair or replacement of pumps.